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Friday 12 August 2016

Love for Cults of Chaos is International!

So Cults of Chaos keeps getting good reviews and very positive impressions from purchasers.  It's nice to see that it's turning out to be as popular as Dark Albion itself!

But what's particularly neat is finding out that the love for Cults of Chaos hasn't just appeared in the Anglophone RPG world.

Here's a French review of Cults of Chaos! It's very nicely detailed.

And here's a great Spanish review of Cults of Chaos too!

So, if you're a French reader or a Spanish reader, check those out.  If not, I'm sure with a quick search you'll find plenty of fine reviews of Cults of Chaos in English.

You can purchase Cults of Chaos from Lulu, from Amazon, or the PDF version from RPGnow.

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