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Wednesday 10 August 2016

The RPGPundit is Doing a Live Q&A TONIGHT!

Hey all, this is to let you know that I'm going to be doing a live Q&A session on #rpgnetchat TONIGHT!

I'll be interviewed by the venerable Dan Davenport (former RPGnet moderator, current theRPGsite contributor and the second-best rpg-reviewer in the hobby), but will also be taking questions from the crowd.

So if you want to ask me about Dark Albion, Cults of Chaos, D&D, my other games, the OSR, the Swine, OBS' appalling censorship policies and the totalitarians who push it, or any other subjects related to Punditry, then please come join us, starting at 7:00pm CDT!  You can get to the chat through this link.


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  1. I missed it. Is there a transcript anywhere?

    1. There is indeed. Check today's post, which will be coming out in five minutes or so.