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Sunday 21 August 2016

Cults of Chaos: Print + PDF is Here!

For some time some of you have been asking if there could be an option to get a Print+PDF bundle for Cults of Chaos.  And now, YOU CAN, right here!

For just $16.45, you get a deal on the Print and PDF from rpgnow. So now you can have the gorgeous Cults of Chaos book, and also the easy reference of having it on your electronic devices.

You can also still get the high-quality print editions of Cults of Chaos on Amazon, and also at Lulu.

And do me a little favor: wherever you get it, in print or PDF, if you liked it please write a tiny little review on the site you purchased it from. Of course we love three-page reviews of our books, but even one or two sentences in a little blurb on the website itself can make an enormous difference, as that customer opinion can help others make up their minds. It's one of the cheapest gratuities  you can give a writer you like, but sadly 99.9% of customers don't get around to it!

So if you already have Cults of Chaos or Dark Albion, please go drop a micro-review for it! And if you don't have them yet, now is the time to get them!


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