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Thursday, 28 September 2017


I was going to post a different announcement today, but life has precluded it.  I can't let this go without giving due tribute.

Here's to you, Hef. Almost no one managed to squeeze as much out of life and living as you did. You were a living testament against puritans and teetotalers.   And you never failed in your commitment to Free Speech.



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  3. I'd be interested to hear your opinion on the publication of Playboy Italia of naked pictures of 11 year old Eva Ionesco or of Playboy publication Sugar 'n' Spice showing naked pictures of (then) 10 year old Brooke Shields in its pages. And then your opinion on "Western civilization", its values, the people who think that it's entered a state of decay, etc.

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  4. The Left routinely claims things like this are "art". You have no problem today with the sexualization of young boys if they want to dress up as drag queens or engage in erotic dancing at gay pride parades. Ionesco and Shields were both literally surrounded by people who were all radical leftists of their time and all of those still alive today are in the vanguard of the Fascist-Left.

    So why are you getting on Hef's case? You don't care about that little girl; you care about your feminist agenda of opposing Playboy for being entertainment for men. The little girl in a European spinoff from over 40 years ago is literally the least offensive to you about Playboy. You're going to stop pretending to care about her the second you're done using her as a side-show to attack 'the patriarchy' and then go right back to nodding approvingly at or NYT articles about how pedofilia should be normalized to fight Trump's agenda, or whatever.

    So stop lying and just admit what you actually don't like about Hef; because we know that if you're on the left, child nudity is not something you have any problem with.