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Friday 4 May 2018

Some Upcoming Stuff From RPGPundit Presents!

Here's a quick list of just a few of the upcoming issues of RPGPundit Presents, in no particular order.

Adventures in the Twilight Realms of the Elves: A Medieval-Authentic (Lion & Dragon & Dark Albion style) sourcebook covering the extraplanar faerie Realm of the Elves, heavily influenced by medieval folk tales.

Goldhalcon and the Demon Realms: A guide to another region of my Last Sun DCC setting, this one covering the great city of Goldhalcon (ruled by the bond-esque criminal mastermind Goldeater); the realms of the demon Zozzsz, the Furry Plains, and the Dreadlands.  Find out about the Derpy Horse of Destiny! Discover just how many Laser-Sharks Goldeater has! Learn more about Lord Dread's sensible health care plan! Avoid the furries of the plains... if you can!

The Arcana: Medieval-Authentic Tarot: Yes, I bring medieval Tarot into a sourcebook for OSR use (especially Lion & Dragon).  But it's not just talking about divination.  Discover how the Tarot was used to teach occultism, invoke powerful forces, and even travel to other realms.

Miscellaneous Wonders of the Last Sun: Learn about the higher planes, including the realm of the Jade Empress and the Grey Realm (and it's incredibly annoying exiled queen, Priscilla). Discover the terrible secret of Ice Dome Zero!

Assault on Yaxley Manor: Another Lion & Dragon -based OSR adventure scenario; this involves the themes of 'man vs nature' and 'man vs. man', in an action-packed and dangerous sandbox scenario that has very little supernatural stuff at all.  Trapped in a snowstorm, the PCs find themselves struggling to survive while being caught up in a terrible battle for control of a borderland community, a battle between father and son.

Saga of the Green & Blue Mutant Chiefs!: Expanding the Last Sun campaign area to the south of the Azure Tower, & southwest of the Dread-lands, this adventure scenario gets the PCs embroiled in a long-running feud in the middle of the great Tangled Forest, between two extremely stubborn tribes of savage mutants. Plus, learn where Bearowls come from!

All these will be coming soon, so stay tuned! And meanwhile don't forget to check out our current vast selection of RPGPundit Presents products!


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