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Thursday 15 November 2018

Adventuring in a Medieval University!

In the modern era, college movies are usually comedies about crazy frat parties, horror/fantasy about weird secret societies, or occasionally dramas-of-the-week about abuse or corruption.

Well, in all of these areas, the modern University  hasn't got anything on the Medieval ones.

In RPGPundit Presents #54: Medieval College Adventures, you get a complete guidebook to how to make Medieval-Authentic universities, schools of theology, law, the arts, natural sciences, and yes, magic.

In Medieval College Adventures you'll learn everything you need to know about how to make your own fantasy university look like they really were in the medieval period, and believe me they were not quiet places!

Medieval universities were certainly great centers for knowledge and learning. But they were also INFAMOUS for wild night life, for political intrigues, sexual licentiousness, heresies, sorcery, crazy pranks, drunkenness, and terrible violence.

In Medieval College Adventures you'll get an overall guide to medieval college life, including who went there, how classes worked, how people learned, where they live, the libraries, the typical college day, money issues, the crazy traditions, the often very rigorous rules (and how students constantly tried to break them), the relations (usually horribly bad ones) with the town, medieval college crime (which was endemic), and more.

You'll also get an outline of the two great Universities of England/Albion: Oxford and Cambridge. This will include details about the towns they're in, the history of the schools, the way the schools would look in the 15th century, and a list of their college/halls and organizations with each of their strange peculiarities.

Finally, you'll also get a list of 20 encounters/adventure-seeds for typical action that could take place while in a Medieval University or university town. Get into epic fights between gangs of students over favored prostitutes, save a teacher from being murdered by students angry over a poor grade, investigate a ghost sighting in one of the college halls, uncover an espionage ring among the foreign students, solve (or participate in) a heist of priceless books from one of the libraries, and much much more!

So whether you want to run a whole campaign centered in a medieval-authentic fantasy university, or just want to run an adventure or two, you'll want to pick up RPGPundit Presents #54: Medieval College Adventures on DTRPG, or on the Precis Intermedia Webstore.

Either way, this 21 page book can be yours for just $2.99!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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