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Saturday 3 November 2018

Save DCC From Censorship on Mewe

So as you know, I didn't really want to be on Mewe. I think it's a much poorer platform than Minds.

However, I ultimately decided to get on there with a placeholder account, mostly because I was concerned with someone trying to create a fake account in my name, or to take over the RPG groups and establish censorship tactics. So I got on, with my account, and with groups that made sure there'd be open presence on the site.

Unfortunately, I got there a bit too late to stop a piece of shit called ClaytonianJP, a radical leftist who had previously taken ownership of the DCC group on G+, to do the same with Mewe.  He had a long history of banning users on his groups, for nothing they did IN the groups, but just because he knew their politics didn't match his own Antifa-style views.  From what I understand, people from Goodman games, concerned about the harm he was doing to their game's reputation, requested that he either change his policy or relinquish the name DCC for his group and he did neither.

So I decided to do something about this. If you want to help, please share this Mewe group.

The other DCC group is being run by "Claytonian" who bans everyone from the group whose politics he disagrees with.

This Dungeon Crawl Classics Group will not have any political posting and won't be run by totalitarian rules that ban people for their perceived political allegiance. Everyone is welcome to post here as long as it's on-topic.


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