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Wednesday 7 November 2018

Floating Islands of the Last Sun

The Gonzo-fantasy OSR setting of the Last Sun is a dyson sphere, with the sun in the center and a vast inner surface filled with all sorts of lands and people.  But besides these lands, there are also tens of thousands of floating islands that slowly orbit the sun, ranging in two atmospheric orbits above the surface.  These islands vary from tiny rocks to islands twice the size of Belgium, and many are populated by cultures and civilizations of a variety of alien creatures.

Now you can incorporate the Flying Islands into your own campaign, with RPGPundit Presents #53: Floating Islands of the Last Sun!  In this supplement, you'll find details on the structure of the Floating Islands, the breathable Lower Band and the oxygen-deprived Upper Band. 
You'll learn about the races that populate the Floating Islands:  The Blob-Men, the extraplanar Grey People and their saucer-shaped "UFO" flying vessels, the frog-like Kekistanis and their Sky-Force, the Posh Elves (decadent descendants of the ancient Pythian Knights), the genius Lolri (also known as Techno-Walruses), the deadly Guardian Robots who seek to exterminate all organic life (and their master, the wizard-robot BOLT-1), and more!

You'll also get information about places and groups/nations of the world of the Last Sun.  Learn about the massive trading post/sky-brothel known as Fuck Station Aleph, the great domed city of Lol (now plunged into chaos and civil war), the remnants of the defunct Sky-Police, and the tyrannical and evil Sky-Nazis.

You'll also get  a set of random tables to generate floating islands, complete with size, climate, population, tech level, and curious details (including sub-tables for monoliths and transmat stations).

So be sure not to miss RPGPundit Presents #53: Floating Islands of the Last Sun, available at DTRPG, or from the Precis Intermedia Webstore! Available now for just $2.99!

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