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Thursday 29 November 2018

Lords of Olympus: "Stealth"

So, my player doing the session reports has come through, a little late but better late than never. Here's his report of the session before last.


In Atlantis.
Fito returned with Poseidon to Atlantis to try to get Triton, Poseidon’s son, allegedly to convince him go on adventures with his father. Since Poseidon did not want to see his wife Amphitrite, he decided to use his Metamorphosis power to grow a fake mustache. He blended right in! Fito then asked Triton to please help him and talk to him in private, so he got into an interrogation room with him, as Triton doesn’t seem to enjoy Fito’s presence.
After a lot of secreting, Fito told his half-brother that he was absolutely tired of following Poseidon around, and that he wanted him to take responsibility in Atlantis, but that he needed him to help rescuing Arrit, as she was in grave danger. Triton accepted, and as they left Atlantis, leaving Poseidon behind, they took Elon’s Musk Aquacopter and set sailed. In his trip, he saw many parts of the multiverse, such as the giant pillars of heaven and the whirlpool of the great monster Charybdis. They moved to Parnassus as to try to rescue Arrit, but didn’t arrive on time.

In the Underworld:
Guillermo Hudson went to the Underworld as to contact Erebus. He told Hecate about his origins and he tried contacting Erebus directly, accompanied by Ralph. A weird silent shadow emerged and answered Guillermo’s questions. While he didn’t know about Guillermo’s primordial parents, he showed him and image of three strange women who would surely know: The three fates.

Telling Hecate about this, she told him that she wouldn’t try to contact them directly, as it was far too dangerous, for everything the fates pronounce is considered to be true, and is absolutely unavoidable. He recommended for him to go to Olympus to contact Themis, the Fate’s mothers. He decided that it was a wise choice, but since he didn’t have world walking, he remained waiting for someone with the ability to travel through planes…buying some shoes with Frank, Paneb’s brother, in the Underworld’s poor zone.
Paneb got healed from his train encounter by Hecate, but afterwards, when he finally was alone, he tried to find Roman, since he had told him that he would guide him to a person that would protect him, and he feared both Hecate and Frank's influence on him. He went to Hecate’s tower of the Trivium, trying to infiltrate in her own home, with the amazing strategy of randomly opening doors to find him. He was greeted by three giant frogs thanks to his horrible luck. After fighting them, he had a moment of super-intelligence….and kept on doing the same thing. This lead to him colliding with Hecate by accident and ending up begging for forgiveness.
On the same side, Ralph used his new metamorphosis power to disguise as a wolf. He infiltrated the Trivium and used his heightened sense of smell and found out about Roman’s location, on a pedestal with magical spell cast upon him.

On Mount Parnassus
Arrit started her therapy with Psychologist extraordinaire Dr Sidney Greenberg. He managed to get her to talk, but not without her trying to run away a couple of times and puking on Apollo’s original Louis Armstrong trumpet. Meanwhile, Ares and Corey infiltrated the temple complex of Delphi. After killing some poor guys for clothing and some guards in a lot of “stealth”, Ares found Sidney Greenberg, enraged at Aphrodite’s lover, he tried to kill him, but Corey stopped him just in time, telling Ares that killing your ex-lover's boyfriend isn’t the best way to pick up a girl.
Apollo and Prometheus suddenly appeared, and a fight between him and the God of War broke out, Corey used this opportunity to mind control Arrit’s terribly poor ego and run away with her while having Arrit piggyback her, they entered the Olympian road and fled.

In Olympus.
In his desire to obtain political power, Aetos had a plan. Apparently, The City’s communication with Olympus was scarce. Considering The City had the Door Which Must Not Be Opened, a door that would likely end the entire multiverse if it was opened, Aetos wanted to give Zeus a means of easy, secure, and fast non-scrying communication with the city (Apparently, according to Athena, they didn’t do scrying with them because the scrying could be hijacked). He met Zeus, and after a few sex jokes and Thai Massages, the King of the Gods was ready to hear his deal. Aetos offered to use his Advanced Metamorphosis to create a clone of himself that Terminus, the God of the City, could put into stasis with a magical spell. Since this clone would be contactable at anytime, Aetos would be aware of any emergency call that Terminus sent to Olympus. For this, Aetos requested Zeus to make one of his own sons immortal. Both agreed and Athena offered to send the clone to Terminus.

He afterwards went to his realm of Grecoromania, taking with him some of his finest servants, his friend the Minotaur, one of his bastard sons, Flavius, who was a sort of super agent for the equivalent of Grecoromania’s CIA, and some fine Grecoromanian tech that would synergize with his Metamorphosis powers. Now, he’s moving along the Olympian road, taking his servants back to his new palace in Olympus.


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