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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Sky Ships Stats & Combat Mods for Your Gonzo OSR Game!

In a previous issue, Floating Islands, we detailed floating worlds above the ground of the material plane of the Last Sun.  Now, in the newest issue we have it's sequel: RPGPundit Presents #55: (Sky-)Ships Happen!

While the Floating Islands book details the cultures of the floating islands and mechanics to generate them, SkyShips Happen is a guide to different kinds of flying vehicles in the skies of the Last Sun. Skyships you could also use in any Gonzo OSR game or other fantasy RPG.

These vehicles include magical flying galleons, balloons, blimps or zeppelins, or high-tech sky ships. Discover the dangerous fleet of the pepperpot-like "Guardian Robots", determined to exterminate all organic life, the amazon-piloted "Valkyrie fighters" of the FSA sky-station, high tech Posh Elf Warbirds, the police cruisers of the now-defunct Sky Police, the UFOes of the Grey People, and the advanced war fleet of the evil Sky-Nazis.

You'll also get a set of rule mods for handling very simple sky-ship combat. 

Then there's also a d100 table of typical Floating Island character occupations, for generating starting PCs or NPCs, including various special items.  There's also stats for the evil Guardian Robots, the brilliant Techno-Walruses (complete with special cybernetics), and stats for the Superfly II, the fastest sky-ship in all the skies.

So, if you want to introduce flying vessels into your gonzo game, be sure to check out RPGPundit Presents #55: (Sky-)Ships Happen on DTRPG, or at the Precis Intermedia Webstore!

It's a 20 page sourcebook for just $2.99!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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