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Monday 31 December 2018

Happy New Year!

So, as I pointed out in the New Years episode of Inappropriate Characters, I think 2018 was a good year where a lot of good things started to happen, and I think 2019 is a year when those things will happen more and the bad things will happen less.  We are winning in the politics, the culture, and the hobbies, and horrid bullshit tactics that certain bad actors would previously have been able to use to destroy peoples' lives are now just being ignored or condemned.

So I'm very hopeful for 2019. I hope that for all my fans, it's a better year than this one, and things keep improving. 

Have a very Happy New Year everyone!


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P.S.: if you haven't yet, join the Inglorious OSR group on G+. Yes, it will only be around a couple of more months, but you joining will piss off the assholes who started the SJW OSR group that has a LITERAL purity test to allow entry. Help show that they are not going to win. Feel free to share the link to the Inglorious OSR group everywhere!

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