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Thursday 27 December 2018

Want me on Your Youtube Show?

So, today I'm mostly just going to remind you all that tomorrow there'll be a new episode of Inappropriate Characters! Come watch me, Venger, and Grimjim talking about all kinds of interesting news and controversy in the RPG hobby.
Set your clocks, we'll be live tomorrow (Friday, 28th December) at 7:30 CST.

But I figured that while I'm doing a short post, I should mention that if any of you in the RPG hobby out there have a Youtube channel, and you'd like to have me guest star, you should feel free to get in touch with me and we'll see if we can work something out. Just not for live-games; I'm only interested in talk or interviews, that sort of thing.  So let me know, if you're interested!


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  1. Here's something I'd be interested in hearing about, and I don't know if there's a video's worth of material to be had from it, or if the answer would be quick and simple, but after following your blog and YouTube videos for a while I'm kind of curious as to why it is that you play D&D. Not why you roleplay but why you've stuck with D&D as your RPG of choice. Here's why: You recently did a video about disabilities/serious injury for PC's - RuneQuest and WFRP have had that going on for decades. You're well versed in mythology and wrote a nice valedictory for Greg Stafford. RuneQuest is steeped in mythology, it's kind of its raison d'etre. L&D/Dark Albion shows your interest in late mediaeval history with a fantasy twist. WFRP was there years ago. I get the impression you like your players to play authentically in a mediaeval setting. Pendragon's traits and passions motivated exactly that.

    Why aren't you a d100 fanboy? That family of games strikes me as pure Pundit in a way D&D doesn't. This isn't an attack of any sort, I genuinely read/listen to you and a lot of the time I'm thinking "if Pundit played Runequest I'm sure he'd be as happy as an SJW with a story game.

    1. I actually quite like the D100 system. It's one of my favorites after D&D.
      The thing is, I think that (especially within the design framework of the OSR) D&D can do so many things and it's the best known game - and thus the one most gamers will be comfortable trying out in variant form- that it is the way to go for designing product.

      I think L&D do medieval-authentic at least as good, if not better, than the best version of this you could do with D100 (which was done, btw, as Aquelarre, a Spanish d100 RPG which was an influence on Albion).

  2. Pundit is addicted to the D20. And he's also right, a lot of people play some version of D&D.

    D100 (just like d6 dice pools) can still be OSR, but popularity is diminished. Ours is a terribly small industry, sadly.

  3. Oh, yeah, I wouldn't call anything other than old D&D derived games as OSR. I get your point about D&D being recognisable to more potential players, and the customisability of the simple early game mechanics. I've always been a d100 player by preference, I kind of have a view of Chaosium's games, with their deep settings and very mortal PCs as being "thinking persons" RPGs, with no room for adolescent power fantasies/murder hoboism. They also seem to have a lot less SJW tomfoolery going on. I think the real sticking point for me was that class and level doesn't equate to anything in the real world, skill based character progress does - I must be due a check on Compose (Comment) for writing these long replies, for sure!