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Sunday 16 December 2018

Wild West Campaign: The OK Corral

There's not that much to say about this session. Everyone knew it was coming. The PCs had gone off to to hunt down Cowboys Frank Stillwell and Pete Spence, who had (incredibly) robbed another stagecoach only a month after they'd been acquitted of an earlier stagecoach robbery they'd committed.

Of course, since that case, the Cowboys had become increasingly mocking and aggressive to the Earps and their deputies.

The PCs at this point were increasingly losing their patience with the Cowboys and were determined that they were going to take any opposition from the two outlaws once they hunted them down. They managed to track them down (with some help from Charlie Bassett), to a failing town by the name of Contention City. What followed, was a very exciting galloping shootout while riding in night-time conditions against the fleeing outlaws.  Pete Spence fell off his horse and sprained his arm, and then surrendered.

But Frank Stillwell kept trying to flee. Finally, Crazy Miller (who had been deputized for this posse) shot him in the chest, killing him instantly.

They were bringing the prisoner and the corpse back in the direction of Tombstone, when they learned that in their absence, this had happened:

The PCs knew that, with 4 Cowboys dead in the last two days, the war between the Earp lawmen and the Cowboys had finally begun.


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