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Sunday 9 December 2018

Lords of Olympus Campaign Update: Zombie Strip Club!

Here is the next Lords of Olympus campaign update from one of my players: 

In the Sad Forest
Helena continued on her epic quest and found a black leprechaun, apparently struck by the deep depression prolonged time in the woods causes.

After fighting a few haunted trees and convincing the black leprechaun, she found the clue that followed, leading her to the Dead Ocean. With Toilette and a ship that helped them, they found a buoy that had another small offer with the following clue “10000 feet in the Graveyard of the Mouth” and a note, seemingly from Prometheus, asking to not free up the creature in this buoy. She continued her quest, now thinking someone is just making her waste her god damn time.

On Mount Parnassus.
Arrit left Parnassus, controlled by Corey, who tried to bring her up to Hera, yet Prometheus appeared ready to stop her with his Dr Who-like Gadgets. Prometheus used his Daemon form, sprouting chaos tentacles similar to those of Doctor Octopus, and a fight soon begun. But Corey was too tired to defeat him, being encumbered by Arrit, and had to let go of her hand, cutting her mental link with her. They discussed, and Corey left the choice to come with her or Prometheus to Arrit. She decided to go with Prometheus. Powerless to stop her target, Corey decided to return to Hera and report her failure, who was disappointed but understood that Prometheus would have been too great of an enemy. She decided to teach Corey a bit about Olympian culture, her allies and enemies, before receiving a message to come towards the palace of Olympus for a talk with Zeus.

In the Underworld
Frank and Guillermo were hanging around in the underworld looking for footwear, and since shoes weren’t really the new fashion for legless spirits, they decided to go to a zombie strip club.

They talked for a while , and Guillermo contacted with Prometheus, asking how they were doing about Arrit. Meanwhile, Ralph decided to free Uncle Roman and contacted with Prometheus as well, telling him to help them both run away from the Underworld. This was because Hecate seemed to know about Ralph's past, but refused to tell him in any way. He created a scrying portal and tried to take them both out, just as Hermes arrived to pick up Paneb (who was going to find his mother with Frank in their world) and Guillermo (Who was going to Olympus in hope to contact the fates and know the identity of his Primordial Father). Sadly for Ralph, Dou-mu, the Goddess of Death and girlfriend to Paneb, saw him leave with Roman and alerted both Hecate and Hades.
Guillermo parted with Hermes, and Paneb decided to detour first, going to Hades, and asking his father for an artifact to protect himself against mind reading from Hecate. While he thought that his son was a bit paranoid, he offered a brooch that would give him immunity to mind reading. His second stop was going to the River Lethe, whose waters are capable of erasing anyone’s memories.

On Olympus
Aetos returned with his new servants, the Minotaur Minos, and his son Flavius, to his palace, giving them strict instructions to ensure their safety in Olympus. He spent some time with Hephaestus socializing and practiced magic. Knowing that turning in his favor with Zeus to make Flavius immortal too soon would be a bit controversial with the other Gods, as he is relatively new to Olympus, he decided to wait as he got the gossip about Arrit coming in to Olympus.
Fito arrived to Olympus with Triton and Brontes, while he was waiting for Arrits arrival, he went to a bar and met Thor. They talked for a while and Fito learned that Thor didn’t like Aetos, mainly because he was dating Aphrodite and Aetos had offended her by almost ignoring her in all of their interactions. They had a few (hundred) drinks and spent the night.
Arrit arrived to Olympus with Apollo after having gone to slay a giant snake, a giant eagle, and a giant giant (Apollo figured one of these would be enough but she did all three), and a great discussion ensued in the palace of Olympus. Brontes, Fito, Triton, Athena, Aetos, Apollo, Corey, Hera and Zeus were there. While Zeus argued that it was illegal to try to kill Arrit, Hera said that she needed to find out who had stolen the Apple of the Hesperides, and said that this was an affront to Olympus itself. As it was now almost  certain that it was Prometheus, and that he crossed the boundaries of Olympus, which he was not meant to cross, Zeus declared that Prometheus would no longer be protected by the law of the Gods, and anyone would be allowed to hunt or kill him without reprisal. Apollo was spared, since he didn’t work for Prometheus, but rather tried helping Arrit. Ares, on his side, was merely captured by Apollo and trapped in a small world. As for Arrit, she was named officially as one of Zeus’s children.

Why Paneb hasn’t collided with anything today? Does Guillermo’s dragon like Yerba Mate?

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