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Saturday 30 November 2013

Arkham Occult Societies: Done (and Update V)

The writing part, at least, is done.   Overall, I'm quite pleased with this project for the Raiders of R'lyeh RPG, which I'll note is almost entirely system-neutral, so you could theoretically use it for any RPG set in Arkham (or ported to some other creepy town).

As a little update on the book, I'll mention that the book doesn't ONLY talk about Occult Societies, clubs, orders, fraternities, lodges, circles, etc.  It also details a number of individuals, both within those groups, and also lone operators.

The "solitaries" are, if one is to mirror the realities of occult society in general, the strangest of characters.  They're the truly weird, crazy, dangerous, or fraudulent; to the point that they just can't fit in with a group.

Among those I've detailed in the Arkham Societies group are:
-A fortune teller with a sordid past who was never more than a fake... until now.

-A man out of time, who's lost his memory of arriving in Arkham, or of what happened on the ship he was on, the ship that vanished without a trace in the greatest maritime mystery of the modern era.

-A fake-spiritualist con man who is pathologically convinced that the supernatural is all a lie.

-An heir to a decadent dynasty who has taken to enact gruesome occult murders for the sake of dark powers... but in Arkham, something even stranger might be afoot in this case.

Anyways, I might do another preview or two before it publishes; and from what I understand we'll be seeing this book along with the Raiders main books sometime in the first quarter of next year!


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