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Friday 22 November 2013

Dr-Day -1

So tomorrow, Doctor Who is upon us, and I'm vaguely annoyed.

The plan for us originally was that we were going to watch it at a friend's house, wherein said friend had entirely renovated his living room with a fucking mother of a Home Theater system; kickass sound, awesome image, great cooking (between said friend and The Wench, who are both great chefs), and a perfect environment to attentively watch the once-in-50-years event.

But then, as it turns out, Doctor Who was offered in the movie theater here in Montevideo.  It wasn't going to be originally; Uruguay was not on that list of something like 180 countries where it was going to be shown in cinemas, not because the BBC didn't want it but because no movie company here thought there'd be any demand.  Then a bunch of drooling fans petitioned one of the movie companies to bring it, and when they realized they could charge double what they usually do for a ticket, and have a guaranteed full house of slavering nerds, they realized the errors of their ways and booked two showings (the second after the first filled up almost immediately).

Great, right? Only, my suspicion is that this experience will be far worse than our original plan.
We are going from relaxation in our own home theater to standing in lines, surrounded by screaming nerds and assorted idiots and weirdos, sitting in a terrible seat in the second row (where no doubt neck spasms will follow from having to crane our heads), wearing idiotic inevitably-smudged 3d glasses for what will no doubt be a muddy picture and a sound we will have to strain to hear over all the ongoing nerd-commentary that will surround us.

And yet, like Cassandra, I am the only one in our little group who can see this. Everyone else is overjoyed by this gift horse they're paying 250 pesos for (rather than the zero pesos it would have cost), even the Wench is all four it (she actually bought the whole group's tickets). 

Anyways, now my first actual opportunity to see the 50th anniversary special is going to be through blurry crappy dirty 3d-glasses (what a fucking idiotic pox that technology has been on the film industry).  I hope I'm wrong, in which case I'll be quite pleased; but I suspect it will be the rest of my group that will be wrong, much to their disappointment, about the choice they made for us.


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  1. I concur. I had the opportunity to watch the thing in a theater here, but opted to stay home. It's like watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve in Times Square. I went to NYC one year for it, and it was... annoying. Cold, crowded, couldn't drink...

    That said, I do like to go to the theater in general. We have a really nice one by us, and many movies today really benefit from the massive screen size. But what is a big picture going to benefit Doctor Who?

    Also completely agree about the 3D. I never do 3D if I can possibly avoid it.

  2. Out of curiosity, what else would 250 peso's buy you?

  3. Well for starters, 250 pesos would usually buy you two movie tickets. So the cineplex is charging double the regular ticket price, more or less.

    250 pesos is just under $12US, and in Uruguay this could buy you a really great restaurant meal for one, a cheap restaurant meal for two, about five 1L bottles of beer, two very good or one truly excellent bottle of Uruguayan wine (award-winning wines here), a one-hour massage (regular, not "sexy"), a half-hour tarot reading, a package of good pipe tobacco or something like three of four packs of cigarettes (or like, 8 if you buy them contraband at the fair), or a round of really excellent macchiatos at a good cafe for your and 4 friends.

  4. I've come to despise going to the movies since that 3d bullshit started up. Anyways, we went, and the experience could have been worse. I got waved at by a few people who recognized me in the crowd, there were a few pretty good cosplayers, on the whole the audience was respectful, but of course, there was not a single set of 3d glasses that wasn't smudged, stained, or had smears from their cleaning process on it.

    Truly fantastic episode, though.