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Tuesday 5 November 2013


I thought I'd take advantage of my public pulpit today to promote a new RPG kickstarter going on right now some of you might be interested in: Corporia, written by (award winning, blah blah blah) designer Mark Plemmons, who you may well know from his time as one of the resident idea men at Kenzer and Co.

He's doing his own thing now, and as you might see on the link above his first project (at least, I think its his first one) since leaving Kenzer is an RPG of near-future fantasy; where reincarnated Arthurian heroes (along with other beings of myth and magick) begin to manifest in a cyberpunk-lite world of Corporate domination.

Yeah, it sounds a bit early-90s, I know, both in terms of its theme and in terms of its politics.  But if you accept the slightly corny premise, you have the makings of a great post-modern fantasy game, a different kind of take (and with mercifully simpler rules) on the styling of "Shadowrun" with some epic archetypal notions.

Anyways, check it out!  I'll note that I did some utterly free consultation for Mark on his very early steps in the project, on account of our internet friendship, but I am (at least currently) in no way financially involved on this project.  I'm just mentioning it because I'm betting there'll be quite a few readers who'd be interested to know it exists.


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