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Thursday 14 November 2013

Doctor Who: Doc-Day -10 and Counting

I've tried to hold off feeling too excited, but we're now almost here: we are officially on the last ten days before the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who!

On the whole, its been a somewhat subdued and disappointing year for what it ought to have been.  The BBC apparently chose to celebrate the Golden Jubilee Year of Doctor Who by not showing any new episodes for most of it.

We can only hope that what comes on Saturday next will make up for it.

Its not only the BBC who has fucked up, of course.  I'm waiting to see just how Cubicle 7 manages to release the remaining 8 of the 11 "Doctor Who Sourcebooks" they were planning to release this year in 9 days.  Or if you wish to be more generous, the next month and a half before the year is up.

Really, did ANYONE believe Cubicle-"we'd be late to our funeral"-7 when they boldly claimed at the start of the year that they'd be releasing one doctor who sourcebook per month?  Please.  I wouldn't have laughed harder if it had been Palladium claiming it at this point.

So its nice to know that some things can be counted upon; can be thought of as traditions, even institutions:  The BBC will fuck up its celebrations, Cubicle 7 couldn't deliver a pizza on time... and the Doctor will keep being awesome, in spite of his handlers in screen and print, hopefully for another 50 years.


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