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Sunday 24 November 2013

Doctor Who Day +1

Well, I must say, it was astounding.

What a fantastic episode; though as usual with Moffat, it makes less sense the more you stop to think about it.  Weren't they in Trenzalore?! What was going on there? Why are they suddenly back to normal (or are they)? Why was Clara a school teacher?

These are all things that may or may  not ever be explained in Moffat-world.

Moffat would be a kickass GM. He uses the same method I do; put in a bunch of dazzling details, mysteries and questions; later, when you think something up, explain a few of them. Players will forget all the other details you never ever explain and fixate on how awesome you are for having explained what you did, "proving" you "had it all planned all along".

Anyways, I had fun. The end was great.

Also, for those of you who are not yet done getting your doctor who fix (and if you didn't watch "Adventure in Space and Time", you really, really should; it was a beautiful movie), here's one more thing: giving due time to those in-between doctors who didn't get their own chance to shine in either special, Peter Davison writes and directs a half-hour special called "The Five(ish) Doctors".


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