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Tuesday 12 November 2013

I'm Back! UNcracked Monday

Well, I'm back again; starting tomorrow be prepared for posts of more substance, but for today, for the "cracked monday" entry, I give you something I've been meaning to post for a long time; Caveman Science Fiction:

This is really one of the best truest counterarguments to so much of the anti-civilizational non-sense arguments people have made against the idea of our trying to improve our lives, culture, world, or even species through the use of innovation; because you just know its true.  Somewhere back in time, when the first genius was figuring out how to make glyphs that represented spoken words, some asshole was accusing him of defying the will of the gods, while some other idiot was claiming that it would destroy society because children wouldn't need to memorize the tribe's long folk stories anymore.  And for that matter, the storyteller industry was probably trying to have our first writer imprisoned for "theft" of the ancient tales.

Fuck that.  The best chance we have of creating the kind of world the anti-technology hippies dream of is THROUGH technology: technologies that will democratize knowledge, democratize production, grant individuals greater freedoms to define their own lifestyles, health, maybe eventually their very nature; not to mention that its our single best chance to put an end to the despoiling of our environment (without having to kill 5 billion+ people to do so).


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  1. The primitivist nonsense is doubly infuriating because it obfuscates the need to think about environmental policies in a rational way, in romantic gibberish.