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Thursday 21 November 2013

Arkham Occult Societies Sourcebook Update IV: The Catonian Club

This is another short teaser preview for my upcoming "Arkham Occult Societies" Sourcebook, for the Raiders of R'lyeh RPG.

Miskatonic University, like most universities in the United States, has a significant number of clubs, fraternities and associations. Most of these are relatively meaningless: groups for hobbies, social causes, fraternities for adolescent fun, or places to network for future career contacts. 

Miskatonic, being one of the great old New England schools and a favored place for the Old Money of Massachusetts to send their scions, additionally has a few “secret clubs”, societies that are more than just normal fraternities, and whose membership is kept tightly under wraps. The foremost of these, the most mysterious, with a membership that includes some of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the state and beyond, is the Catonian Club.

It is so secret no one knows when it was founded (though sometime after the Madison presidency), who is in it, or almost anything about what they do.  All that is known is from rumours: that they meet in an incredible underground chamber beneath the Administration building, that the number "5" is especially important to them (this because the gravemarkers of suspected Catonians have a stylized number 5 carved on them), and that anyone who tries to discover or betray their secrets disappears.

What are the secrets of the Catonians?  What are they really up to? Just how much influence do they really have in society, and what is their end-goal? And what is the meaning of the "5"?  
You'll have to get the Arkham Occult Societies sourcebook to find out!


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