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Wednesday 4 December 2013


No blog entry today; I had to see The Wench off on her trip.  She's gone for two months to Canada for a whirlwind tour of pagan festivals, tarot workshops, and Christmas meals with troublesome relatives.

I hope she has fun... meanwhile, I'll just have to find a way to survive two months of doing whatever the fuck I want, free from the responsibilities of wedded bliss!

No, seriously, I'll miss her.  Of course, you can miss your wife and still enjoy a vacation-at-home of temporary bachelor life on your own..


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  1. Pagan festivals... in Canada... in December and January?

    Ugh. Hope they're not like the ones I'm used to. You know. With camping.

  2. Canadian pagans are a rough bunch. Though I think quite a few of the activities are indoors.