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Sunday 22 December 2013

Golden Age Campaign Non-Update: Tesla's Funeral

So we didn't actually get to play last night, what with most of the group having cancelled to attend Christmas parties of some variety or another.

But that won't stop me from presenting an update!  I'm going to present something they would have experienced in between the adventures yesterday.

In January 1943, the country and much of the world heard of the death of this man:

Nikola Tesla.  He was largely considered the world's first real Super-Scientist.  Here's a picture of him as a younger man:

He was the inventor of the Tesla coil, Alternating Current (the "AC" in AC/DC), and the Death Ray.
His last recorded words were "I dreamed of a superweapon".

When he died, a eulogy for him was read by Mayor Laguardia on the radio, and his funeral (at St. John's cathedral in New York) was attended by 2000 people, dozens of super-scientists (including such insane and dangerous luminaries as Dr. Doog, Professor Ivo, Dr. Bailey, and, as a hologram transmission from his secret Bavarian hideout, the Ultra-humanite himself, trying to remain as inconspicuous as a hologram of a tyrannosaurus rex in a trenchcoat can look!), 21 robots (including Robotman, and Electro the robot-butler), and no less than 14 time-travellers (arrived in blue boxes, phone booths, futuristic cars, 19th century steam trains, several Time Bubbles, a cube, and a couple of miscellaneous).

Dr. Saul Bailey (inventor of the atomic mutant, and father of the PC character Prometheus) said of Tesla "never has one man done so much for super-science.  Any time a child looks up at the sky, and dreams of blowing up the Sun, we have Nikola Tesla to thank!"

Tesla's pall-bearers were Albert Einstein, Robotman, Doctor Emmett Brown,  and Braniac 5.
Braniac 5 wept.


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