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Monday, 16 December 2013

UNCracked Monday

Here, be outraged.

That's Paul Dini, creator of Young Justice, explaining to Kevin Smith (yes, that Kevin Smith) how the awesome Young Justice was cancelled NOT because it had bad ratings, but on the contrary, because it was TOO popular.

Wait, you ask, how could it be "too" popular? Isn't that the whole point? Isn't that what TV execs and action-figure-salesmen alike dream of?

The problem was, apparently, that YJ was getting too popular with the wrong crowd.  It was becoming too popular with GIRLS.

Here's the logic behind this steaming pile of shit pretending to be a sound business decision, by the way: if girls start watching "boy's shows" like Young Justice, they probably won't buy the YJ toys (because of course, what girl would want her parents to get her an action figure?), but they also may not end up watching the "Barbie" show or "Bratz" or "Radical High School Princesses Who Are Also Fashion Models", or whatever the fuck insipid programming-for-girls they've invented to sell dolls... and then they won't buy the dolls either!

The entire crisis that led to YJ's cancellation is because toy companies make strictly-defined "boy toys" and strictly defined "girl toys", and for the superhero action figures they know they should make 8 times as many Robins or Superboys than Miss Martians, because a lot less boys will want the "girl superhero".  So even if girls DID start buying YJ toys, it would fuck all their calculations up.  Plus no one in their right mind who isn't an 8 year old brainwash-victim convinced its the only thing she's allowed to want would actually want to buy a "bratz" doll. So if girls and boys start liking the same toys, an entire line of plastic pink manure will become instantly useless... and we're talking BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of plastic-pink-manure.

You know all those times some self-interested cultural marxist politically correct intellectual elite Swine has looked at something innocuous and cried "its patriarchy!", and I've pointed out how full of this they were?

Well, this time, its patriarchy.

But worse than that, its bad capitalism.  Not bad as in "capitalism is bad" or even bad as in "evil"; but rather bad as in strategically stupid capitalism. Its bad as in "Capitalism being done badly from a capitalist point of view".
Its people having locked themselves into a business model that has to try to force a certain paradigm on customers rather than being able to adapt to the actual changes in the market.  And that, right there, is fucking unforgivable. Especially when it causes the cancellation of a great show.


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  1. That is indeed fucked up. Both me and my wife rather enjoyed the show. It was pretty clever and had some decent storylines.

    I despair for people who have daughters btw.. Toys and products marketed specifically to girls are horrible.