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Tuesday 3 December 2013


As of today, the Corporia RPG, which looks like its going to be a very cool mashup of cyberpunk and fantasy (in a way totally different than Shadowrun, with a very Arthurian epic kind of feel to it) has funded.

There's still about 14 hours to go, so you're not too late to get in on the action.  Its written by the excellent Mark Plemmons, a great RPG designer, and I'm sure it will be a worthwhile game.

I'm a bit surprised that it didn't fund earlier, or high a higher goal than it has; and I think this underlies the value of having a good consultant/promoter on board.  I gave Mark some advice in the early stages of his game design, before the kickstarter, which I hope was of some help; but I'm pretty sure that if I had been an official consultant on this, he'd have gotten more than his money's worth in terms of resulting pledges.  Note that I'm not a "kickstarter consultant", I'm not sure those are so important; what I do is help with the game-design side of things, but more importantly I become a very public promoter of the games I consult on; and I put the weight of my blogging and theRPGsite behind the project.  I'm pretty sure that for Raiders of R'lyeh, for example, what Quentin Bauer gained in terms of publicity (and design help, of course!) was a lot more than what I cost.

Anyways, enough self-promotion; I just wanted to draw (completely free, unsolicited) attention to Corporia before it finishes its crowdfunding, and look forward to seeing the finished product and where this leads.


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