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Sunday 29 December 2013

DCC Campaign Update: Don't mess with Queen Booboo

DCC Campaign Update: Don't mess with Queen Booboo

In today's session (played outside at a private pool & BBQ, by the way!), the players were:

-Ambushed by a cape-wearing Vampire Chimp and his Merlady-Vampire girlfriend

-Charged at by a Morningstarasaurus.

-Double-crossed by a gorgeous and friendly Medusa.

-Viciously assaulted by a gang of dungeon-punk cannibal halflings and their chief, Queen Booboo.

-Ripped-off by a 5th Level Chaos-Lord/Alcoholic.

-Introduced to an Innkeeper named Osman, and another named One-eye.

-Convinced to hire a sellsword named Ralph.

-Privy to a very visible and explosive demonstration that the Daemon of Punk Chaos and Destruction and the Daemon of Heavy Metal Dragons do not like each other one bit.

-Unable to recover their miniature Elephant.

That's all for today.


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