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Monday, 30 December 2013

Uncracked Monday: The Greatest Feminist Thinker

Someday, if our civilization survives, it will be Camille Paglia who will be remembered as the truly great thinker in the third wave of Feminism, the one (one of the only ones) who had the guts to shatter the standard paradigm and dare to say things that no one at all wanted to hear from her, that everyone else was terrified went contrary to their common cause.  She dared to say these things because she knew that they were true; many other people also knew they were true but were too afraid to say so.

So please, if you want your mind blown and all your assumptions challenged, read this interview from the Wall Street Journal with Camille Paglia.

She talks there about how at the moment, because of an academic and then social embrace of very dangerous of French post-structuralist bastards (her word, though absolutely mine too; actaully, I'd say "bastards" is far too delicate; I'd say something like motherfucking monsters) like Foucault and Derrida, our civilization is at risk of "societal suicide".  And she is one of the few who fundamentally grasps that the cause of feminism and Western Civilization are not at odds with each other, but that on the contrary, Feminism absolutely DEPENDS upon the ongoing survival of western civilization if it is to have any chance of obtaining and maintaining its most important and most laudable goals.

Maybe its because, unlike most feminists, Paglia can read Latin, and has studied history (real history, not imaginary make-believe history about ancient utopian matriarchies coming out of "different ways of knowing").  That might be why she has the mind she has, and knows just what the stakes are.


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