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Thursday 12 December 2013

DCC Campaign Update

This weekend we played our english-language DCC game again; the PCs were getting acquainted with what looks like their new home base: the sprawling city of Archome, which they soon realized seemed to be a vertical tower-city built in, on and over a spaceship-graveyard inside a canyon.  They learned a bit about the rival power group struggling for control in the city: The Assassin King, current ruler of the city, and the Snake Witch, who seeks to usurp him.  The city's lesser gangs have mostly aligned to one side or another in the turf war; the Goblins who were once inhabitants of the caves surrounding the canyon are the trusty Royal Guard for the Assassin King, for example, while the vicious cannibalistic halfling gangsters that rule the shantytowns in the shadowy bottom of the canyon are allied with the Snake Witch.  Only the old families, who have seen one ganster-king after another come and go, stay literally above it all, in their mansions at the tops of the city-spires.

The PCs met with another PC (Gabriel's character, who had missed a few sessions) who had apparently been teleported here earlier than they were.  He has set up shop as a fortune teller, and has made an ally of a chronically alcoholic rogue-bard ("with a wee dram of chaos blood" in him) by the name of Borquist. An old hand at surviving in the vicious city of Archome, he takes the PCs under his wing and they decide to form their own little gang.

With a team of half-competent adventurers under his back, Borquist decided to brave the Halfling lower-levels of the canyon to seek out a legend of a dead Wizard's lair.  What has ensued involved exciting action with evil vampire monkeys, vampire merfolk, a semi-intelligent giant octopus, and thus far very little treasure.  When we quit for the evening, the party was still trapped in the Infernal Menagerie of Pang Feng, low on hit points, out of helpful healing robots, and still facing a murderous vampire monkey out for revenge.

We'll see how things go next session.


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