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Friday, 11 July 2014

RPGPundit Spreads His Outrage To A Whole Other Language!

Yes, it's not enough for me to infect the english-speaking gaming world with my "problematic" (that's the word people use for something that isn't really a problem, but that they wish it was) statements.  Now, I've been interviewed by a Spanish-language RPG blog, Runas Explosivas (that's "explosive runes", for those of you who are a bit slow).

If you're one of the pseudo-activists desperately reading everything I write (hi Ettin!) and don't actually read Spanish, don't despair! You won't even need google translate, as the English version of the interview is found at the bottom of the article.

So check it out, and see what the Latin world thinks of me!


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  1. The whole thing is stupid and I even posted about it on my blog:

    The more the word gets out and these fascist assholes who want to censor anyone they disagree with get shamed, the more they will learn their actions are not acceptable and will either stop being fascists or they will find themselves not welcome in many places

  2. Hey! I'm Juan, from Runas Explosivas. We'd really like to thank you for all that you shared with us. Of course everybody is invited to our humble blog (now with google translations available).

  3. No problem, it was a pleasure!