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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Hard at Work on Cults of Chaos (and other stuff)

Today I'm doing a shorter blog because I'm pretty busy, working on my Everyjoe article for Tuesday, working on some unrelated work stuff, and most of all trying to get done with my work on Dark Albion: Cults of Chaos!

What's that you say? You thought I had finished with it at the end of the last year? Well, yes, but Dominique Crouzet was inspired by what I gave him to want to add a bit more stuff.  So I'm going to be adding more details on the various religious sects of the world of Dark Albion, and how they get turned to the service of Chaos.

And Dominique? Well he's going to be adding a bunch of really amazing stuff, as is the usual for a guy of his talents.  This is going to include some pretty awesome dungeon-mapwork, like the material he did in the Dark Albion main book So while Cults of Chaos was originally only going to be about a 20 page book, it's now going to be a bit bigger, and with a lot of equally awesome and usable stuff!  And of course, everything in the book will be usable not only for Dark Albion but for pretty well any OSR product or game!

So, to see you off, here's a tiny little teaser preview for you:

Look for Cults of Chaos: OSR rules for medievalized treatments of heresies, witch-cults, alchemy, mutations, spirits, familiars, elves, and a lot more!


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  1. I worked with Dom for years and he is a great guy. If he has some input on this then I am going to pick it up.

    1. He has more input on this one than he did on Dark Albion, and he contributed quite a bit there too.

  2. Mixing your singulars and plurals on the rogue magisters in the sample.