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Wednesday 13 April 2016

Pictures from Uruguay: Street Art

What a nice day it's been today.  I haven't gotten much work done, but I got up early by my standards (noon) and went out for a walk around my neighbourhood. I had some little pastries at two of the bakeries and then made my way to El Carioca where I was treated to some coffee, and took home about a pound of a great looking Parana/Santos blend (high end coffee, cost about $10).  Then off to buy some groceries at the local supermarket and home to cook up an Asian noodle soup.

Anyways, I took some pictures but these ones here are from an earlier jaunt (similar in description to the above), of some of the colorful street art. You see this kind of art all over Montevideo, it's wonderful. But I think here in the Cordon it's especially good (the Cordon being Montevideo's Brooklyn, the artsy-hipster neighborhood of the city.

Here we go:

Some of these, as you can see, have been here for years.  Some are new.  Some come and go as the same artist (or a different, maybe rival artist) ends up painting over it.  There's one on the corner of my block that has slowly had the same artist gradually change parts of it, so that it now looks nothing at all like the original.

I think people here have a more relaxed attitude about graffiti, and see it as potential art. This in turn means that in the urban environment more graffiti artists take the time to make more sophisticated work, because they know that there's a good chance they won't have their magnum opus whitewashed the next day.

It's a good thing.


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