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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Using Dark Albion as a Resource Book

Lately it seems there's been another burst of fandom for Dark Albion!  I posted a bit about that lately, and now there's another great blog entry about it that just came out.  This one is all about how you can use Dark Albion as a unique kind of campaign resource for extended campaign play.

So, go check that out!  Meanwhile, I am still hard at work on Cults of Chaos, which is going to turn out to be quite a bit bigger than we had originally planned.  It'll feature a mix of material from myself AND the inimitable Dominique Crouzet.  So, Albion fans, keep the home fires burning because soon there'll be some really great new material coming down the tube for adding even more to your Albion game (and of course, it'll be a great general OSR resource book as well).


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