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Thursday 14 April 2016

Loads of people say nice about Dark Albion! & How you can Help me if you Liked Dark Albion

So a couple of days ago, someone named Joey Mullins (the "Gaming Ronin") decided to repost a review of Dark Albion on his G+ feed.  Not just any review, but the one by James Spahn, award-winning OSR game designer who made White Star and many other fine products.

This unlocked a series of unusual events whereby a the same review got reposted a few times over and a fuckton of people who have had time to read and play and enjoy Dark Albion shared their praise for it!

So I'm going to just repost some of these comments here:

Eric Fabiaschi "This book is still on my 'must' get list folks."

Bastien Pilon: "It is quite good, no question"

Nathan Panke: "It's one of my favorite setting books."

David Okum: "I have the hardcover and love it!"

Brandon Goeringer: "It's a masterpiece"

David McGuire: "It is one of the best setting books I've ever owned"

Samwise7: "It is very good"

There's more out there, but this is just from one thread to give you an idea of the great response Dark Albion generates.

Now, I will say this to any of you tempted to say equally nice things: if you really want to do me a BIG favor, please go to the site where you bought Dark Albion (that is, Lulu for the hardcover or alternate hardcover, Amazon for the softcover, or RPGnow for the PDF). Once there, please write your favorable comment as a review.  A 'review' in a product section doesn't need to be like one of my reviews, it doesn't need to be pages full of details.  A 5-star review that says "It's one of my favorite setting books" is going to have just as much of a potential impact on a would-be buyer.  Apparently it can really help with sales. It won't take you a lot of time and is a great way to express your love for Dark Albion.

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and as for all of you who haven't yet bought Dark Albion, please check out the book in any of those links above.  Then buy it, and then put your own short little review on it when you have a chance to see how awesome Dark Albion really is!


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  1. I will get the hardback and I own the pdf because I followed the development of the book and came to you for a copy of it. Its worth getting a because of the quality of the content and the attention as well as the love of the author to his setting. Short answer grab this book. Its full of use and not angst at the gaming table for your OSR games.

  2. You called White Star a fine product.

  3. My review on

    it's truly a great book :)