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Thursday 21 April 2016

RPGPundit Answers YOUR Questions, pt.3!

Some time ago over on this blog entry, I invited readers to ask me questions, and I would gradually get around to answering them in future blog entries!

So, today, I'm going to answer a few of the more straightforward of them at once.

1. "I want to know your take on the mini controversy about Tim Kask, and his game at Totalcon"

Ok, I think it's a stupid non-issue. People mad that Kask did a game just for women are dumb. People mad that Kask, a man, is running a game for women are dumb.  People mad at the people mad at Kask are dumb.

2. "Is any of your Internet persona real, or are they all created for the purpose of maintaining anonymity?"

They are all real and not-real at the same time. I'm a wizard.

3. "The Star Wars RPGs from Fantasy Flight Games..."

That is not a question. However, I'll spare you from having to ask by just saying "absolute garbage"!

That's it for today. Please go to that blog entry and add your questions if you want me to answer. Some will get lengthy blog-entry responses. Others? Well, they take less work. But either kind of question is welcome!


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  1. FFG's Star Wars is a board game that's missing a board.

    1. But on the bright side you can buy the same rules three times and still jot have enough of their silly dice.