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Tuesday 5 July 2016 Tuesday: Real-Life Occult Grimoires Edition

So, this week on, I present a list of 20 real-life Occult Grimoires. You know, the sort of forbidden books of secret knowledge that inspired the Necronomicon, except they actually existed!

If you're a gamer who plays or runs historical or modern occult games (Call of Cthulhu, etc), you might find this list extra useful for adding a touch of realism.

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  1. They existed, but characterizing them as "really used by occultists through the ages and today, sometimes to very crazy results" is rather fanciful. Perhaps you meant "pretended to be used" and "imagined results."

    1. No, I mean that they are used, in the ways directed in the books (or not, in the case of people being sloppy), and that things happened as a result of people following those instructions.