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Thursday 14 July 2016

Cults of Chaos has Been Released! Check it out for any OSR Play!

So, as of last night, Cults of Chaos is now available for purchase!

You can get it at RPGnow on PDF (for $7.50), or get the awesome looking softcover on Lulu for $14.95! In a few days, it should be available on Amazon.

Now, I know it says "Dark Albion", and of course it was written intended to be a supplement for Dark Albion, but frankly, there's been one thing everyone who has reviewed this product  (like in that link, or in this youtube video) has been in agreement with: Cults of Chaos is an excellent all around product that can be used for any kind of fantasy-medieval campaign.  It's one of the most detailed books on fantasy cults around, filled with useful ways to flesh out your evil sects and groups, so that no two are quite alike, and so that the cult's practices, motives, and interested are fleshed-out and deeply detailed!

So obviously, if you bought Dark Albion, you will definitely want to pick up Cults of Chaos.  if you haven't bought Dark Albion, you probably should! But let's say you don't want to; you can still use Cults of Chaos without Dark Albion for ANY OSR product (it is system-neutral) or even for any other fantasy game.

So go check it out! And share the news! And if you buy it and like it, please let me know, and please leave a nice review for the book where you found it!  Thanks.


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