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Friday 22 July 2016

Now You Can Get Dark Albion and/or Cults of Chaos at a 30% Discount (Limited Time)

So Cults of Chaos continues to do very well and receive great reviews. People who got it were very pleased to find just how portable it is to any OSR setting.  Check out what Tim Brennan has to say about the possible uses of Cults of Chaos in his blog!

And right now is the best time to pick up Cults of Chaos in print (Brennan's pic shows he got it on PDF; hey Tim, you may want to pick up the dead tree edition right now!), because you can get the book with a 30% discount at Lulu!

Just go to Lulu's entry for Cults of Chaos and use the coupon code LULU30 to get a 30% discount!

Heck, even though you can totally use Cults of Chaos without Dark Albion, at those prices you may just want to pick up Lulu's beautiful hardcover edition of Dark Albion while you're at it!   Or if you prefer, the also really beautiful Variant Cover Edition!  They're all 30% off with the coupon!

So don't hesitate! If there's any of these you don't have yet, now is the time!  Note that the coupon is only good until the 24th, so don't delay!


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  1. Thank you! Ordered Dark Albion after reading reviews and following it progress etc for 2+ years. Almost ordered last night but glad I waited a day! This looks to be what I have been looking for as an OSR campaign setting.

  2. Ordered Cults of Chaos for I like a lot your Dark Albion books. Even if you are hard with your frogmen's cousin :-)

  3. Dead Tree versions, on sale or not, have to wait till after Gen Con!

    1. Nothing at Gencon will be better than Cults of Chaos.