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Monday 18 July 2016

Cults of Chaos is now Available on Amazon!

So, Cults of Chaos, the OSR supplment for creating awesome medieval-authentic chaos sects (and lots of other stuff, like familiars, mutations, faerie-elves, alchemical elixirs, astrological star-cults, etc), is now available for purchase on!

The book is a supplement for Dark Albion, but it is system-neutral and malleable to any other setting where medieval-style grittiness is what you want to achieve!

 Note that you can also still purchase Cults of Chaos on Lulu, or if you prefer you can get it on PDF via RPGnow!

Wherever you get it, please consider writing a brief note of review if you liked it on that seller's site. Even if it's only a couple of lines, that's one of the best ways to help spread the word to convince other prospective buyers and so one of the best ways to thank the author (me, and Dominique Crouzet) for the book if you appreciated it!

Thanks in advance!


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