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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Cults of Chaos Video Review!

Dark Albion has some serious fandom, and for good reason! But the upcoming Dark Albion: Cults of Chaos (which should probably be out sometime in the next week) will have even more potential for crossover utility for anyone who wants to incorporate truly detailed and unique (and mostly 'medieval authentic') cults into their OSR games (or for that matter, any fantasy RPG play).

But don't take my word for it!  The Savage GM, one of the winners of the Cults of Chaos review contest, has just released his video-review of Cults of Chaos, and he's got a lot of great things to say about it!  Check it out:

So, keep checking this blog, as soon as Cults of Chaos is available for purchase, you can bet I'll be letting you know!


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