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Friday 6 January 2017

Break Friday: #BLMKidnapping Edition

The media is trying to portray the #BLMKidnapping case as the work of ignorant kids who had no political element to their motives. That's a lie.

In today's article, I take a look at the BLMKidnapping in Chicago, where four black youths brutally assaulted a mentally-disabled white youth, and I point out how the left (including the BLM organization, but especially the mainstream media) are trying very hard to warp the story here. 

Along the way I expose how once again, Shaun King (aka "Talcum X"; a nickname my editor sadly didn't let me keep in the article itself) has lied about an incident of racial violence against his person which he provably made up. And of course, about being black, which he also provably isn't. 

Fake people, pushing fake news, to try to excuse or deny a real act of brutality. That's where we're at.


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