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Friday 13 January 2017

Proposing Some Stuff Worth Going For!

So in my last post I lambasted three different G+ communities, two by name along with their little weasel-shit of an owner, Claytonian.

But lest it all be thought of as doom and gloom, I'm going to present some places and things where gamers (especially old-school gamers) can go and engage in free and productive discussion on the relevant topics!

First, of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my own RPGsite.

As for Google, we have the G+ OSR community, which is great.

Second, while I sadly know of no community with any decent number of members on G+ for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, if it's DCC you want without a shit-face of a mod, there's actually TWO great options.
First you have Venger Satanis' great DCC & Related Sci-Fantasy community.

Second, there's Goodman Games' own OFFICIAL community, run by my friend Harley Stroh.

If you have any kind of a conscience, given that the above is the officially approved site, and that Goodman requested that Claytonian change his moderation practices on his 'dcc' group and he refused, you would quit his group and go over to both of those great communities!

Spread the word!


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Added: While I'm at it, even though this is mostly unrelated it is still an opportunity to plug something good, check out the ACKS Bundle of Holding! You get a shitload of great stuff for just $9.95, and a percentage of the profits go to a truly worthy cause: the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Please spread the word!

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