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Saturday 14 January 2017

Everyjoe Special: Merkel's Germany Justifies Jihadi Synagogue Burning

Today on Everyjoe:

The court in Germany claimed Jewish 'wrongdoing' was "justification" for three men firebombing the synagogue.
No, not Germany in 1938, but rather Germany in 2016.

The Muslim perpetrators were let off with suspended sentences.

The German government also said it was "justified", for the same reason, when the city's synagogue was burned to the ground in 1938.

Check out the article to see how Merkel isn't the 'last hope of liberal values in Europe', she's the last representative of a cancer that has destroyed Europe and sent it's moral values right back to the era of Krystallnacht.

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  1. The court didn't say that. I read the declaration in German, and the court said (summarizing) "There is no absolute certainty that the motivation was antisemitism, and it probably was a political motivated act under the influence of alcohol."

    In no part were they justified. They didn't go free, they became the punishment that German laws apply in this cases. The part where they say "the act was justified" is either bullshit or a mistranslation.

    1. You make the mistake of assuming that the truth matters to Pundit.

    2. They literally walked free. They got suspended sentences. NO jail time whatsoever. They claimed it was a political act, that was the alleged justification for it. That was the way they JUSTIFIED not putting them in prison in spite of their being violent firebombing jihadis, because if it's disguised as a 'political act' then the Jews apparently deserve it, according to the sick fucking German courts.

    3. There is probably some mistranslation here. Being a political act is no justification under the German law. They got exactly what the law says is the punishment for the kind of damage they have done (about 800 euro). If the antisemetism (defined as hate against the Hebrews as in Hebrews) had been proved beyond doubt it would have been an increased sentence. As it had not been proved, the sentence has not been increased, but there has been no reduction.

      Also, it means probation, not suspended sentence, it's different.

      And, lastly, the sentence has been heavily criticised in Germany too, but it stands according to the law.

    4. And yet, if a man had left a piece of bacon at the front walk of a mosque, you'd put him in prison for years.
      Don't pretend there isn't a double-standard here. Every excuse is made to serve the globalist agenda.

    5. That was Scotland, different law system, different country.

      If we go for that then remember the Italian guy who brought a pig for a walk on the terrain where they wanted to to build a mosque and whose punishment for it was exactly nothing.

  2. they were not jihadis. they were drunk and got suspended sentences because of the series of circumstances. this is how alt-right echo chamber functions i suppose.

    1. This is nonsensical gibberish. Firebombing a Synagogue at the end of Ramadan is an act of Jihad. Since Islamism is political, there is no way that such an attack could be "political" without also being anti-semitic. This wasn't an Israeli Embassy, it was a GERMAN Synagogue with German citizens.

      But this is how the ctrl-left works. Because the goal is the dismantling of western civilization, savages are allowed to get away with anything they want, while Jewish victims are turned into wicked perpetrators who bear the responsibility for the actions of these 'freedom fighters'.
      Exactly like the arguments the Nazi savages made decades earlier when they too blamed the Jews for their atrocities.

    2. no, you have been peddling half-truths and you should once again read hilbert has to write. by the way, drunk jihadis at the end of ramadan? it is like alt-righter who actually speaks or reads german.

      also, it is really stupid to write that supporters of palestinian cause can get with anything in europe while their jewish victims are blamed for their atrocities. it shows no understanding whatsoever of the last half century of european politics, dynamics of terror or even the map of the middle-east.

      what remains after you remove the lies, is shrill and panicky invective of those that support war-mongering and can not abide by the results of their politics. ain't it so mr. oliver north?

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