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Tuesday 17 January 2017

DCC Backstage Chatlog, Volume 25, part 1

Here's some more of the ongoing Facebook chat for our DCC group! 

I wish I had Choking Cloud now to get rid of all the fucking chirping birds that keep me from sleeping
And the dog is bloody dreaming loud, probably about some bitches. Fucking city and its birds!
Among other shitty things, like those stupid tree species with that fucking sap that drops on the car, the irregular curbs that scratch the fenders.
The messy sidewalk, the Baghdad pavement, the unruly drivers.
The careless contractors and their senseless ways.
Breathe and count till 10.

Pundit: LOL. I woke up this morning at 11PM. I'm just having my afternoon coffee now, at 5:30am. I'm a wizard. Time has no meaning to me.

Bill: Unless you are waiting for a cab
Time has no meaning to billionaires either
Too bad I am neither

Equestrian/Bazooka Arnok: I'm fairly sure that 11pm does not constitute "morning"

Bill: Morning is when morning is.

Equestrian/Bazooka Arnok: Look at my horse 

Pundit: Yes, I had no idea about that video, until I found out about it while preparing this blog entry. You guys like some truly weird shit...

Equestrian/Bazooka Arnok: Like playing DCC with you, for example.
We are sick sick people.

Pundit: The thing about the DCC game is that it features a lot of innuendo, but almost no actual smut. It's somewhere between PG-13 and R rated.

Equestrian/Bazooka Arnok: We don't want to have problems with the network.

Muu: Oh, so the face was 26th president of the USA Theodore Roosevelt.
I guess South Dakota is kinda of a Shithole

Equestrian/Bazooka Arnok: Bill finished his side quest.
He can go side-questing again in like....10 minutes.
He can do 3 or 4 sidequests in a row, but after, he needs a nap.

Bill: Bill is feeling his company undesired, lets hope Bill does not undesired​ you company in the Shit Hole too

Equestrian/Bazooka Arnok: Bill company is, much like Bill itself, a necessary evil.

Bill: At the end of the day, you always need an asshole

Equestrian/Bazooka Arnok: Quite.
No one else knows more about shitty situations.

Bill: Having been in/creating shitty situations does not certainly make you a good referral to avoid them

Muu: Well you know that saying, in the Shithole the asshole is king.

Bill: Bill's kingdom!



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  1. as a South Dakotan, I can assure you that SD is not a shithole. if it WERE a shithole, it wouldn't be so fucking boring. We have lots of grasslands, lots of croplands, a few hills, and a lot of rednecks.

    1. I wouldn't take it too personally. That entire comment was solely based on the fact that in the adventure they'd just played, they came across Teddy Roosevelt's head on a mountain.

    2. I wasn't taking it personally at all, I just wanted to clarify that being a shithole would be a step up for south dakota. :P