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Thursday 13 April 2017

A Couple of Magic Items From Lion & Dragon

Busy trying to get the damn editing done, so here's a couple of sample magic items from my upcoming Medieval-Authentic OSR RPG, "Lion & Dragon":

Warwick's Sword: This is the Two-Handed Sword that belonged to the legendary old Anglish knight, Sir Guy of Warwick. He used it in the service of King Athelstan in the 10th Century. His most famous deed was probably the slaying of the Northman giant Colbrand. It is a magic sword, capable of doing damage to creatures immune to normal weapons. Besides this, it does double damage against all Giants. The Sword now belongs to the Royal Treasury, where by tradition a custodian is paid a wage of 2p per day to guard it.

Ring of Eleazer: the followers of the Magister Eleazer, who lived in the time of the Emperor Vespasianus (and was thus a contemporary and friend to St. Apollonius) were gifted (as a token of recognition) with alchemical rings of Eleazer's own invention. Some of these have survived over the years. Eleazer was fiercely dedicated to fighting demons, and a ring of Eleazer grants anyone who wears it a +1 to all saving throws against magic, or a +2 to saving throws against chaotic powers (such as the powers of demons or the undead), as well as a +2 bonus to the saving throw required to achieve dominion over a demon during summoning. Additionally, any magister who wears a ring of Eleazer gets a +1 to spellchecks for all techniques of Banishing.

Jarl's Ring: legend holds that seven great Northman warriors, of the line of Ragnar, were given magic rings by a wandering vitki (Northman wizard) to protect them from harm. As these Northmen were all part of the forces that conquered Albion, some of these rings are likely found here (one is said to be in the possession of the Percy noble family). These rings are all made of electrum and inscribed with various Northman runes. All of them have the same effect: they quickly staunch bleeding in whoever wears them. The wearer of a Jarl's Ring will be completely immune to infections; additionally, if they are reduced to negative hit points (but not killed) they will automatically be stabilized (suffering no ongoing bleeding). They are likewise immune to any effects (magical or not) that would normally cause ongoing bleeding.

There's plenty more where that came from. But to see the rest, you'll have to wait until Lion & Dragon comes out! 


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  1. very nice objects... looking forward to Lion & Dragon