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Tuesday 18 April 2017

Break Tuesday: Lab-Meat Edition

In today's Break article, I take a look at lab-grown meat.

Would you eat it?

Would you eat it if it looked and tasted just like delicious bacon?

What will it take for lab-meat to become a success, and why is it important that it should become a success?

Find out, in Would You Eat Artificial Meat Grown in a Lab?

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  1. I'd eat it no problem, provided there were no health risks worse than normal meat. If we could enjoy meat while not making animals suffer and die, that would be an amazing human achievement.

  2. This will eventually make meat far more affordable. Right now it is horribly expensive, but once this technology matures, there is a huge potential for very cheap meat available for all. Together with GMOs greatly increasing crop yields, this means better nutrition for many, many human beings.

    Biotech FTW!