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Tuesday 4 April 2017

On "Art" and the Ctrl-Left Narrative

There's no where in the world where the Ctrl-Left process, of trying to force us all to proclaim things we all know to be obviously and visibly untrue, is more powerful and prominent than in the art world.

 After all, it's where they've been doing it the longest.

So while I'm off editing Lion & Dragon, I'll invite you to watch this fantastic video on just how that process, of accepting things that WE ALL KNOW isn't art as "art", has helped be extrapolated into our social culture as a whole.


  1. It's part of their disdain for merit and ability and achievement. By making there be no standards of any kind no one can be better or more qualified than anyone else, which fits their world view of false equivalencies. They've managed it with art and a great deal of theater, because they have such small audiences who have largely bought into that worldview anyway. They try in other areas but generally fail in anything with a sizeable audience.

  2. This is profoundly stupid, his insistence that this 'bad modern art' is the product of "Social Justice" in the "last few decades" totally ignores art history. 'Fountain' is literally 100 years old. Also colonialism, racism, and misogyny is not 'imaginary injustice'.

    11:17 "objective quality" Ha, this man is so stupid I can't even make fun oh him, christ.

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    Aw, does the Rpgsite( mod need his widdle safe space?
    Are the big bad SJW's closing at the gates?

    1. BWAH HAH HA! I totes called it!!-(review-by-PurpleXVI)&p=956846&viewfull=1#post956846