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Sunday 9 April 2017

Break Sunday: Futurism Edition

Today on Break, we look at the astounding advancement in technology that's already happened, and the even bigger leaps just about to happen. Some of the world's most brilliant minds are deeply concerned that these advancements will be more than what our civilization, or maybe even our race, is able to adapt to. We could end up in a horrific dystopia, if we don't just end up extinct.

But there's also the chance that we might just break free of all the old bounds and create the nearest thing to utopia humanity has ever seen.

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  1. As a gamer, the entire "ultra-decadent cyborg aristocrat-gods who spend their time playing VR games" idea game me a strong sword&planet (or sword&atom?) vibe. This calls for a muscled Barbarian from the Wastes to come and smash these villainous techno-sorcerers with a Sunsword.

    Might end up as an adventure (or location) once Mutant Crawl Classics will get published.

    1. Write it, I wanna play a barbarian and smash those decadent technocrats.

    2. Hmmm... third party adventures MCC could be a good direction for Stellagama Publishing to expand into. 😁

      Though this will work with Stars Without Number as well.

    3. Almost sounds like a Dumarest episode. Just use Traveller.