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Friday 21 April 2017

Break Friday: Pepe the Frog!

Today on Break, everything you always wanted to know about Pepe the Frog, but were too afraid of being called a racist to ask!

Is Pepe really a White Power racist symbol?

Is he just good fun?

Or is Pepe actually an ancient god re-awakened by the processing power and chaos-magic randomness of the internet? 

Plus, why Pepe helped Donald Trump win the election. 

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  1. Pepe is clearly Tsathoggua, who is manipulating you and other alt-rig...sorry, 'cultural libertarian' geeks through your dreams ;)

  2. Sometimes an ugly frog drawing is just an ugly frog drawing, too. But that Simpsons bit is hilarious. I bet Hillary loved it; she's known for her sense of humor.

  3. This is wonderful! Lol! I mean, Kek!