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Wednesday 26 April 2017

Shockingly Bad Behavior From an RPG Designer

So, the user known as Zweihander has been banned from theRPGsite for opening a sockpuppet account (RPGPundit2), which he used to post links to a website that exposed my name and other personal information about me. This website was made and spread by someone commenting on my blog for months now under the name "Daniel".  
This website also uses my name and the RPGpundit name in the website url. 

The "RPGPundit2" account was made with the same IP as Zweihander's, and using the same email name.

He didn't even try to hide what he was doing, or he was so monumentally stupid as to not realize how obvious it would be because Admins can see IP addresses and the email users sign up with. 

No one else but the selfsame "Daniel" who spent actual money and time making these doxxing links against me would give a shit to post this stuff, and he has been harassing me with it on my blog under a fake name for months now, ever since Trump won the election.  Those of you who read my blog (or rather, read the comments) regularly will recognize him as "Daniel". 
Note that "Daniel Fox" is the name of Zweihander's designer and the user of the Zweihander RPGsite account.

This is pretty much appalling behavior for someone who pretends to be a "game designer". Of course, his history of aggressively shilling his game including with misleading links shows that this is a recurring theme for Zweihander as a human being. 

I hope everyone in the hobby finds out about this piece of shit and what he considers appropriate behavior for a designer. 

I'll note that since I banned him on theRPGsite and made this public notice, Daniel Fox/Zweihander has since emailed me, feigning ignorance and trying to pretend that this is some kind of a mix-up, which is nonsensical. 
If "daniel" had been anyone other than him, and had been out to try to ruin Zweihander's reputation, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have laid in wait for nearly 6 months trolling my blog ceaselessly and making attack sites trying to doxx me, without even ONCE mentioning Zweihander. And you'd think "RPGPundit2" would have identified himself as Zweihander, if this was some kind of a carefully designed frame job.

So no, Zweihander (and I bet you're reading this because you've already shown your mentally ill obsession with me), no one is going to believe your bullshit. You were a moron and have now been caught dead to right as a months-long troll who engaged in doxxing and hideous behaviour. And I'm going to make sure everyone knows it.


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  1. Y U MAD BRO? You're both fucked now!

    Want your domain? Its for auction. Maybe I can buy next.

  2. I gotta say, I'm going to "miss" the weekly pleas to buy his game on rpgsite.

    oh wait, no I won't. that is the opposite of how I feel.

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  4. Zweihander isn't even the right word for the sword, so what else would you expect?

    1. Zweihander simply means "two handed". Many swords could be classifed as such.

  5. Your article doesn't outline why he doxxed you. Usually things don't happen in a vacuum. I reserve judgement til his side of the story comes out.