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Wednesday 10 October 2018

Highbay: City of Stoners!

In the Gonzo OSR world of the Last Sun, the city of Highbay is a weird drug-fueled commercial metropolis.

RPGPundit Presents #49: Highbay, City of Stoners is your guide to the weird, exciting, moderately dangerous and slightly wacky city that you can run in the world of the Last Sun or import to your own Gonzo-themed campaign.

What do you get in Highbay?

-An introduction to the city and it's general features

-A guide to the city guard and city government, including the (appropriately named) High Council, the sometimes byzantine bureaucracy of city management, and the most sober man in the city, Chief City Officer Swanlee.

-A detailed list of the common drugs available almost everywhere in the city, including mechanics for the effects and consequences of these different drugs in your OSR game.

-The hilarious "Because You Got High" table, for when your PCs get bent out of their minds and you need some random roll to figure out what happened to them while they were out of it.

-A sector by sector guide to the different areas of the city, including the New Port, the Great Hall, the Big Market, Little Bharata, and Dragontown.

-A guide to the major gangs of the city, including the Bharatan Mafia, the Dragonmen, the sinister Vulturemen and the terrible secret of Bharatan Pork Tacos, The Cyrillic Mafia, and the native gangs of the city. Also, the cult of Ack'Basha, the Ack'bashian Jihad, and the Religious Fantastics!

-A table of Random Encounters full of adventure hooks for staying in the city.

All this in a 25 page sourcebook for just $2.99! You can pick up RPGPundit Presents #49: Highbay, City of Stoners at DTRPG, or buy it at the Precis Intermedia Webstore.

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  1. Great place for starting so many side quests or sidetracking ones coming across crazy local adventures.

    It's where Night for turned into a giant mushroom stone statue, and where we killed a bunch of underwear minotaurs...

    1. The giant statue of the monster formerly known as Night is in the book. So is the Quiet Inn, and "The Factory".